Whats In A Name?

A popular facebook application gives the meaning of your Name. It is  specifically designed for Hindu Names.

Where does that people like me whose meaning does not have a meaning, if Facebook is to be believed?
:-( :-( :-(

That answer left me so sad.

What's In A Name?

Shakespeare said - What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

But then, can you feel something unknown? I doubt. 

But then should I be really sad about something which has given me my identity - even though it doesn't have a supposed meaning? 

As an after thought, the answer would be a resounding No!!

This was the label which gives an identity to my face.

This was the label which made me stand out from the rows of babies in the hospital - just a few days after my birth.

This was the label which called out by my teacher everyday - for registering my attendance at school.

This was the label which was tagged to my shirt  (with my address) - to ensure that I reach home safely in case I get lost.

This was the label which my friends called on for a game of cricket.

This is the label which identifies me on all my academic qualifications. 

This is the label which identifies me in the professional world.

When called out aloud, this label makes me feel that someone still remembers me.

This is the label for all my online identities (now is that really important?)

And finally this is the label which will identify me forever (hopefully!!) 

Do these thoughts make me a bit happy??

Certainly they do :-) :-)

And I Thank God and my parents for my name!!
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