Bettina Wulff

Germany has a new President since 1st of July 2010.

Christian Wulff has had the privilege of becoming the youngest ever President of Germany.

The President in Germany has more of a symbolic role. The German president, ensconced in Berlin's sumptuous Bellevue Palace, serves as a kind of moral arbiter for the nation, receiving state guests and occasionally weighing in with contemplative speeches on the issues of the day. 

But his ascent to the presidential role is not the only reason why he is making news.

Making more impact is his stylish wife and the German First Lady - Bettina Wulff.
And why is she making news?

First of all, she is in her mid-thirties - about 15 years junior than her man. Thats a lethal combination.

She is an ex public relations executive who will now essay the role of the First Lady. She met the President on a business trip - and he fell for her. The rest is history.

If this was not enough, she has a huge tattoo on her right arm. This at least seems to be a known first for a First Lady.

Otherwise, she has a towering personality, attractive looks and a smart persona. And with a two year old kid with the President, she is expected to represent the aspirations of a modern working mother and lady to the tee.

And finally, she is considered as Germany's answer to Carla Bruni and Michelle Obama.

All in all, she promises to be in news for the next four years - we hope for all the right reasons.
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