Two Friends

Two Friends


Two friends,
Solemn and calm.
Simple and carefree,
Ordinary me, you glam.

Shared moments many,
Without prejudices any.
Shared dreams million,
Happiness multiplied to a billion.

The distance may have been far,
Ideas weaved a memoir.
Discussions have been bizarre,
Oh Cinderella, You are a priceless star.

What's in a name,
What's with the fame?
Friends don't have anything to fear,
Cherished friends are always near.


P.S. Close friends are few and far between. They are special and Godsend. And you are one among them.

Two Friends Two Friends Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Friday, January 20, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Oh God! The photo above, it's just sooo sweet! Absolutely fell for those cute little babies!

    Your poem is a fine example of friendship itself, pure and filled with softness. Looking forward to read more of your reads. :)

  2. lovely poem
    friendship is the image of god on earth

  3. Wonderful poem.
    Reading this remind me of my childhood friend. Indeed, true friendship is a blessing.