Classy Advertisements Build Brands

Giant organisations are known to spend a lot of money on building their brands. And is there a better way than a 30 second commercial showcased on prime time TV to build your brand?

If you watch any average TV program spanning 30 minutes, you would see a myriad of ads. But only a very few break ice with your heart. And this blog post is aimed to look at those few ads who caught my attention in the last one year or so.
Classy Advertisement Build Brands 
The contribution of these ads to build the brand is phenomenal.

Each of these ads are classy and stylish. Needless to say, each of them is brimming with a message. Let's take a look, possibly in the order they were released.

The first one is from Airtel - Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai. 

With a foot tapping number and a raw college environment as a backup, this ad made a connect with the student community. As for those who had passed out of college, this ad reminded them of the carefree college days. And for the youngsters who are still in school, it set their dreams alight about the joyous days to look ahead.

This advertisement was a big hit. Airtel always manages to come up with one great ad after another.

The next one was from Idea promoting it's 3G services. Once again, it had an interesting voice over and some nice realistic video.

This ad seemed to be inspired from this particular section from the book SuperFreakonomics.

Rural Indian families who got cable TV began to have a lower birthrate than families without TV. (In a country like India, a lower birthrate generally means more autonomy for women and fewer health risks.) 

Families with TV were also more likely to keep their daughters in school, which suggests that girls were seen as more valuable, or at least deserving of equal treatment. (The enrollment rate for boys, notably, didn’t change.).

It appears that cable TV really did empower the women of rural India, even to the point of no longer tolerating domestic abuse. Or maybe their husbands were just too busy watching cricket.

And yes, if TV can play the role as mentioned above, why not 3G? On a side note, if you are interested in behavioral economics, you should read Freakonomics and top it up later with SuperFreakonomics


Next one is Hum Main Hai Hero from Hero. 

Hero Honda had changed its brand name and was rechristened as Hero Motors. And this ad reminded people of the brand. And with AR Rahman giving excellent music, this ad promised a lot of brand recall value.


And today, I saw a song on TV wherein people across India sing a part of this ad. This reemphasized the connect established by the ad. It was this song which prompted me to write this blog post.

Finally, you have Umeedon Vali Dhoop Sunshine Vali Asha from Coca Cola. This wonderful ad was released to mark the beginning of the new year 2012. 

Featuring young innocent kids, a lovely song, and some interesting real data, this ad is a mark of hope and success.


All these wonderful ads have made for an interesting experience while watching TV, be it during the boring news or the crunch time during the Cricket World Cup. 

The organisations would be spending millions of rupees each time the commercial is aired. However, they can be contended with the fact that their ads have paid off. And paid off in style. 

Lastly, it would be most important to recognise the creativity of the people involved in the creation of these ads. Hats off to you guys. Keep up with the good work.

Classy Advertisements Build Brands Classy Advertisements Build Brands Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Thursday, January 26, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Indian ads are the best. I don't think I have seen that level of creativity anywhere else in the world.

  2. A whole lot of different buttons got pressed after reading this post. Let me get some of them out of the way.

    First off, nice compile of inspiring and creative commercials, a post that is strikingly different in tone from many of your recent ones.

    I am so amazed at the power of advertising. It has the capacity to shroud itself behind social causes and artistic creativity to achieve its goal, to get you to switch providers, upgrade to higher bandwidth and speed, and to choose one brand of expensive sweetened aerated and caffeinated water over the other.

    The problem is in the fact that these are truly wonderful works of artistic expression. They have been around for the last 20 years. We have had masterpieces of television work on national integrations, rural health and education, womens rights, and refusing to give in to corruption. We have had ads about secularism and religious tolerance, about the importance of voting and generally inspiring us to do greater and better things with our lives.

    How is it that these 20 plus years of public service advertising has left us with the mess we have on our hands, while the corporates that have paid for the creativity continue to report better and better earnings? This is the power of advertising.

    Thanks, V, for this thought provoking post, though I probably picked up signals that were not there in your post, well, that is the power of blogging, I guess.

    Happy Republic Day!!

  3. Both the above comments found an echo in my heart. While it is true that indian ads the best in the world, it is also true that the recall value holds only for the corporate ads and consumer ads. Even here we are selective about retaining only what we want and like. But this certainly doesn't take away from the ads' creativity.

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