Missing You

Where have you disappeared, 
Oh elegant beauty. 
Not a Hello, not a word, 
In your memories, I am all dreamy.

An enchantress par excellence,
Striking was you presence.
A lady of substance,
Enamoring is your absence. 

Don't leave me all alone, 
I just wish, my life you adorn.
Without you, my soul is forlorn,
Missing you, it's almost torn.

The nights are cold, 
Your warmth is missing. 
It's your hand I wish to hold,
That's my hearts craving.

Sparkling in pearls of white, 
Is the bright green grass.
I hold myself in shiver and fright,
Revenez vite, My Lass.

The sky is cloudy, 
The air creaming with mist. 
Your thoughts make me tizzy,
Someone says she is long unkissed.

The sound of the soft drizzling rain,
Brightens up the day anew.
Your memories keep me sane,
Come back soon, I Miss You.

Missing You
P.S. If you read this, you know for whom it is written.

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  1. May that cloud disappear so the sky becomes blue for you, my friend!