Serene Princess

Dazzling in bright yellow, 
You are my priceless gold. 
Supremely calm is your glow, 
My attention you hold. 

Thoughtful are your eyes,
Graceful is your poise. 
A demeanor calm and wise, 
Your praise I reprise. 

Could I whisper into your ears,
How precious you are to me dear.
You are exquisite, yet austere,
With you, I have nothing to fear.

You are a God's blessing.
Oh lady so ravishing.
You are a star stellar,
You make my life brighter.

You are a charming temptress,
Classy and raw is your boldness. 
You hold me breathless,
You are my serene princess. 

Serene Princess 

P.S. Recently I met a lady who dazzled in yellow. It was 8 in the night. And it looked as if the sun was shining bright. She was vivid and serene. A serene princess.

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