Freedom In Moderation?

We all love freedom. We all love liberty. All that I wish to be is a free bird. 

However strong may be our wishes, or however right may be our opinions, there are people out there who try to keep us in shackles. People who try to keep us in bound, while trying to be free themselves. People who love freedom, but don't wish to share the freedom. 

The concept of freedom was beautifully explained by the following scene from the movie The Duchess. The movie stars Keira Knightley in the lead role, in and as The Duchess.

Keira Knightley in The Duchess
The background is a meeting of a political party - The Whig Party - from  England, set in the 18th century. A leader of the party - Mr. Fox - gives a speech explaining the views and opinions of the party. At the conclusion of the speech, the party seeks feedback from The Duchess. And the scene goes as below.

The Duchess : I must confess, I am not yet at ease with political speeches. Their very form tends to obstruct my view of their actual meaning, if such there be.


The Duchess : I fail to fully comprehend how far we, the Whig Party, that is, are fully committed to the concept of freedom.

Mr. Fox : We intend to extend the vote.

The Duchess : To all men?

Mr. Fox : Heavens, no. But certainly to more men. Freedom in moderation.

The Duchess : "Freedom in moderation"?

Mr. Fox : Precisely.

The Duchess : I'm sure you are full of the best intentions, Mr. Fox, but I dare say I would not spend my vote, if I had it, of course, on so vague a statement. One is either free or one is not. The concept of freedom is an absolute. After all, one cannot be moderately dead or moderately loved or moderately free. It must always remain a matter of either or.

And yes, if you are interested in checking out the video, you can down it right here.

Undoubtedly, the proponent of "Freedom in Moderation" was stunned when the Duchess spoke out her mind. And the next time someone tries to hand out such Freedom in Moderation, I trust this clip would play back in our mind and motivate us to speak out.

Well, we may have moved from the 18th century to the 21st century? But has the mindset changed? No, It has not changed and our politicians and leaders still indulge in such shameful behavior.

Isn't this what the Government of India is doing right now by trying to ban Google+, Facebook, and similar websites? Isn't this what China is trying to do by blocking Google and similar social content from its 1 Billion + population?

Isn't this what Saudi Arabia is doing by preventing it's women from driving? And can you believe the reasons behind such justifications? As per this news article, I quote - "Academics at the Majlis al-Ifta' al-A'ala, which is Saudi Arabia's highest religious council, said the relaxation of the rules would inevitably lead to “no more virgins”."

Can it get more nonsensical than this?

Isn't this what France tried to do by banning the Burka being worn in public by women?

We do not want Totalitarian regimes. We want Total Freedom!!

Freedom Without Moderation
I think the scene in the movie is a tight slap on the political classes who try to hold back people and their development in different spheres of their life. All that we deserve is - Freedom Without Moderation.

Like the beautiful bird in flight, all that you and me wish to do is  - Set Alight.

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  1. True!!Freedom at every level is important..
    The main motive should be until unless its not harmful to others "Go lead your life with full freedom"...

  2. How true! Freedom with moderation is a farce given the name of freedom. A great post...

  3. yup..I totally Agree ..either its freedom or NO FREEDOM..freedom in moderation is not acceptable .its a vague term used for hidden motives..Btw I loved the movie scene shared here it totally conveys your message:-)

  4. Absolute freedom is comes with responsibility. Will narrate an interesting anecdote....A friend always used to say, 'i will allow all the freedom to my daughter...she can grow up to become what she wants." When he asked the 4 yr old girl,"What do u want to become when u grow up?" She innocently said, "A cheer girl." And the father realised that absolute freedom is not a good idea.