Do Not Waste Food

It was a sight of utter contempt. Someone had just refused to finish his food, citing that it was not possible for him to eat the rest. It was a surprising action, considering that he had spoken of being hungry an hour or so back.

Do Not Waste Food
The leftover food had been turned into waste in a split second. If this was bad, the worst was yet to come. In the next 5 minutes, the same person was seen devouring an apple.

I said sorry to God Almighty on his behalf. It was the least I could do.

A Clean Plate is The Best Plate
Time and again, circumstances do teach me one lesson - Respect Food. Save Food.

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  1. very true,Respect food...Its always better to start with less food in the plate for not to waste it...

  2. nice post
    we should save food