Traffic Jams

Traffic Jams - These days, it is the most common things in cities and towns.

You must have experienced one on the way to the office. Or one on the way back home. Or one when you are on the way to do something urgent and important.

But these traffic jams give you a sense of hopelessness. When the vehicles in these jams don't move, you feel your life has stopped moving. Needless to say, it results in sheer frustration.

A strong explosion in the number of vehicles on the road - two wheelers, four wheelers et all - is one of the strong reasons for such common traffic jams. 

And with the current rainy season in India, the situation has already compounded. Add poor infrastructure to this position, then you are in a lose-lose situation.

Well, what can you do if you are caught in such a jam?

If you are a passenger, them possibly you can sleep, or read, or talk, or listen to music, or do similar such things. But if you are vehicle driver, you wouldn't have any such options. All you can do is focus on the road - and just hope that the traffic moves quickly.

I remember this one particular incident with a colleague who was on the way to an airport on his way back to India. 

In-spite of starting for the airport a decent four and a half hours before the flight time, he was unable to reach the airport on time. He reached the airport just 10 minutes before the flight departure - but then it was too late to check in and board.

What must have compounded his frustration that day was the fact that he managed to return back to the hotel from the airport in just under 30 minutes.

This incident was in the city of Moscow, the capital of Russia, which also earns the tag of the traffic jam capital of the world.

The situation in India too isn't all that good too - with major cities across India facing similar problems. The issue is more prevalent during the hours when most people go to office and return from office.

A lack of effective mass rapid transit systems in most cities is a contributing factor for such traffic jams. 

But if these kinds of jams were tormenting, then my thoughts go out to those drivers in China who are now caught in a jam of their life.

It would stun you - vehicles have been caught in a traffic jam in China for more than 100 kilometers.

And for how much time? 

For 9 days.

Can you believe that??

Yes. For nine long days, these vehicles, these humble drivers have been caught in a traffic jam.

Check out this news article to read more.

Needless to say, the drivers have been exploited in this traffic jam. The infrastructure has been found lacking. 

And considering the fact that it is happening in the most populous country on earth shows you a sign of the coming times.

And if some news reports have to be beleived, this traffic jam has earned the tag of being the worst ever traffic jam.

All that we can do now is pray that the jam is resolved at the earliest. And the authorities in China take adequate steps to ensure that such a thing does not ever happen. 

And for the rest of the countries - somethings can be learned from this incident to prevent such an occurence in our own nations.
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  1. In traffic jam, a driver can also do all those which a passenger can except sleeping! Thank God, we are better than China!

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