Mood Boosters

There are moments of time when nothing seems to be going right for you. 
Or things seem to move slowly - so slow that it would even give a complex to the humble snail.
There are moments of time when you can't get yourself motivated enough to do the things you need to do - however pressing they are. 
These are the times when your mood is not upbeat. 

In such instances, you reach out to something which acts as a Mood Booster. 
It may be something which uplifts your spirit. It may be someone who cheers you up. It may be something which makes you feel good about yourself.

Here is a look at my list of Mood Boosters - the one's who increase my feel-good-factor.

At top of the list is a cup of hot coffee or strong tea. It never fails to do its job.
Add a small shot of hot chocolate, and you are back to being your normal self. 

My current favorite is a Hot Chocolate Latte - which claims to be "A perfect replacement for a warm tight hug". I wouldn't disagree!!

Coming a close second is a quick chat with a friend. A few moments of personal ramblings always helps.
With friends, you need not always do the talking. Be a patient listener, hear their thoughts, give them a patient ear, engage them in a small discussion. This has a reciprocal mood lifting effect on yourself - without fail.

Next comes music.

For a music aficionado, music and songs have a habit of pulling you out of your trance. 

A fast song, with dashing beats, can get you going. The wonderfully crafted words can make you feel better again. And the hope painted in the songs makes you realize that things will be better ahead.

And then you have sleep.

A nap for a few hours or a night's sleep is always refreshing.
This is the time when you are lost. When you stop thinking about your feelings. When you stop thinking about the world around you. 

Time is a great healer. 
Sleep, I think, is a good mood elevator. It helps you forget about the things which caused your mood to go down. 
Sleeping like a baby is always refreshing.

And the last one is Nature.

Be it the green grasslands which stretch for miles altogether. Or the blue seas which extend upto infinity. 

Nature has seen a million years or more. Yet, in her lap, everything seems peaceful. And it does have a mood enhancing effect on you.

There will be many more things which help me in such moments of needs. And I am thankful to God Almighty for providing them.

This was my list. What is yours?
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  1. The last one figures in my 'mood boosters' list as well :P ... but Sleeping and Shopping...figure way ahead of it as neither of these (sleeping/shopping) need the amount of planning that goes into the former! :)

  2. Well said boss :-)

    I am losing sleep on not being able to sleep in the afternoon on weekends. Maybe the laptop and the internet is the culprit :-)