Sounds of Silence

Silence is my best friend.

Being a Lone Star, the Sounds of Silence are my most trusted companion.

And when I heard this song - with the same title - I was instantly attracted to it.

Sung by the duo - Simon and Garfunkel - in the year 1965, it was an instant attraction. This song catapulted them to instant stardom. 

Catch the song which was sung by the duo way back in 1965.

The lyrics of the song are beautiful - check them out below.

And when the duo came back together in 2003 to sing this song, it was yet another standout performance.

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  1. I need to add this to my itunes playlist. LOVE IT! I think I'd heard it before a few times though. Awesome that they're both still around too and didn't become affected by the crazy boozing and drugs of their time to the point of killing themselves.

  2. I too loved the song :-)

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. I, too, really like this song. I had forgotten about it, however, until encountering your post.

    Your post caused me to reflect upon how eclectic of a taste I have for music.

    When I saw the topic of your entry on 20SB, I initially, because of my current musical interests, thought of a trance song remixed by Delerium, and originally sang by Sarah McLachlan, also with the word "Silence" in its title.

    Clearly, not the same song as the that which is the subject of this post. Lol.

  4. Hey.

    I agree with you - variety is the spice of life.

  5. I remember this song, its very peaceful, makes you reflect.

    Tina D.
    IPhone WMA & Me

  6. Hi Tina.

    You have rightly reflected the emotions conveyed by the song.

    Thanks for dropping by.