A Whirlwind of Thoughts

My day today - was a Topsy turvy ride through different emotions and feelings!!

Day - 3rd September 2010.

Time - Midnight
The thoughts of the exam today are troubling me. It has been more than some 8 months since I appeared for the exam and the thought of it is giving me goosebumps.

The fact that the study period did not exceed 5 hours (including intermediating dozing off) did not add to the confidence.

Time - 6.20 AM
The alarm goes off. 

Exam or no exam - the snooze button needs to be pressed at-least once. And this made me realize one thing today - I am thinking a lot about unnecessary things.

Reason - The first thing that came to my mind when I pressed the snooze button on my cell phone was the the Snooze button was much larger than the Stop Button :-). This was done because it is more likely to be used.

Time - 7.15 AM
Mood - Anxious. One quick round of revision before leaving from home is on the cards.

Time - 9.00 AM
A small prayer to God to help me recall the answers to some really twisted questions.

Time - 9.20 AM
A small Thank You to God Almighty.

The exam is done and I have obtained marks enough to pass. :-) :-).

Time - Just after noon
Had talked to someone an hour back. And just got to know that I may not be talking to that person - maybe forever. 

This left me in a sombre mood.

Time - 2.00 PM
Answering a tricky complex question with a balanced answer in a few lines results in severe strain on the mind.

Time - 4.00 PM
Feel like I have let someone down. Wish God had given us the powers to read someone's mind - just to understand whether they felt let down.

Time - 7.30 PM
Mood - Extremely Nervous. Reasons - Completely Unknown. Strong rumbling sounds from my stomach are giving me company.

Time - 9.15 PM
Cursing myself for my bad habit of procrastination.

Time - 10.15 PM
Back Home. Blanked Out. Can't think anymore!!

Time - 11.25 PM
Recollecting what happened all through the day.

All in all, It was a day with a strange mix of emotions and thoughts. 

It made me more humble. It made me feel that I should be more accommodating. It made me realize that some things shouldn't left unsaid - you may never get a chance to say them again. And made me hope that tomorrow won't be as difficult as I think it will be today.
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  1. You said it so beautifully along with a picture for every mood. Liked it:)

  2. Hey Magiceye and Nehaa,

    Thanks for dropping in and for your kind words.

  3. Life is a rollercoaster - with both ups and downs. And you're right, the good things need to be said, just in case the chance doesn't come round again.