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There are many things about women which are very intriguing and difficult to comprehend. 

But if you ask me to take out a top list, this is something which would definitely be among them.

I am talking about shoes - simple shoes. And I have always been amazed by the number of shoes being possessed by the girls.

Now shoes are something which we wear beneath our feet - to help us walk comfortably, both when we are at home and outside home. And if this is to be the purpose of the shoes, then a couple of them would be quite sufficient.

But then, these days, shoes are just not meant to be shoes. They are meant to be style statements. They are supposed to reflect your mood. They are an epitome of your attitude.

There would be several other reasons - which I am unable to comprehend at the moment. But it seems this multitude of factors is the reasons why you would commonly find gals possessing a whole lot of shoes.

So here's a low down of a few attractive and useful variety of shoes which are in circulation in the market.

Starting with the humble Sandal.

This is the most simplest and basic of all women shoes. Quite easy to wear, it can come in stylish looks too. And the best part is that it offers a lot of fresh air to the feet, making it one of the most liked footwear.

Next comes another simplistic footgear - the slippers.

It is worn commonly at home - and is usually loved for its simple look and comfort feel.

Then come sneakers.
They have become an integral part of Friday Dressing for women. Needless to say, they are preferred footwear for gals - at games, at casual outings, and similar such occasions. 

And for formal clothing, women need not depend on a particular style of shoes. A lot of trendy formal shoes are available - like the one below - which makes formal dressing quite simple.

Such shoes are characterized by elegance and grace.

Many a times, you will also find women wearing high heels on formal occasions.

These are equally graceful. While it would help a woman with a slightly lesser height look tall, it is also worn by tall women to make them stand out further.

Slingback shoes too are similar in design - with a strap extending behind the heel.

Coming next are boots.

Commonly made of leather, they stand long - usually extending just right below the knees. They too are worn on formal occasions. You would also find them quite popular in countries where bad weather due to snow or cold is quite common.

And then you must have heard about globe trotting celebrities - partying their way away on yachts. Usually they are accused on not knowing what to wear on the yacht. They are commonly spotted wearing high heels - and are later accused of damaging the floor of the yacht.
To avoid joining their league, next time when you go on a yacht or a boat - put on a pair of Boat Shoes.

While these shoes are commonly used for regular wear, there are some other which are used only at parties or social occasions.

Such shoes come in attractive colors and stylish designs. And needless to stay, this is when they become more than shoes - they become style statements.

And to give the women the confidence that it is not about only style - but style with substance - you have advertisements like the one below.

These shoes - be they stylish or simple - might be at your feet. But they go onto add that extra bit of charm into your attitude.

After all, the world is beneath your feet!!
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  1. nice....a person's character is also judged by one's shoes

  2. nice post..... and, too, they say a women will often look at a man's shoes before deciding on whether to get to know him or not!

  3. Great comment!!

    Didn't know about this interesting fact :-) Thanks for the insight.

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