This blog post is dedicated to three PCs - one of the them who is a part of my life for every single day, one of whom who is a known public figure in India, and one who is a stylish super model and filmstar.

While one of them is just 28, another is 40 years old. The last one has seen 65 years under this sun.

The first PC is the Personal Computer.

When did I see her first? Maybe, some 18 years back. And  in those days, she was a bit on the heavier side. 

Back then, I could hardly operate her. And she did a few things when I wrote a few simple commands.

Today, she is a much more sleek and one of my cherished possession. 

She keeps me connected to the world. And keeps my company too. She is my music player. She is my video player. And then she keeps me engaged after work and on holidays!!

The next one is P. Chidambaram, an Indian politician, popularly known as PC.

PC has essayed multiple roles in Indian politics. His standout work has been in the role of Finance Minister of India.

He was a part of the team which opened up the Indian economy back in 1991 - with Manmohan Singh and Montek Singh Ahluwalia. He presented the Dream Budget in 1997. 

He also made significant changes in the tax structure in the Feb 2008 budget - opening the doors for the victory for the UPA in the May 2009 elections.

And for the last 22 months, he has been India's home minister - tacking one challenge after another - the Maoist Challenge, the Kashmir insurgency and protests, and the tense situation - before and after - the Ayodhya Title Suit verdict.

And the last one is Priyanka Chopra. And PC needs no introduction.

A decade back, she was the runner up in the Miss India competition. And she went on to become Miss World.

Since then she has acted in close to 40 films across several Indian languages. 

I will call her the most successful model who has made an effortless transition to being an actress. People have been impressed by her beauty and by her charm, and also by her acting.

2008 was her best year - where she had two super hit films - Fashion and Dostana. 

Both these films catapulted her to the top. And since then, her every film is looked forward to by her avid fans.

So what do we say for these three PCs?

Well, I wish you all the best success in the coming years!!
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