My Precious Friend

There are moments of times when hours seem like minutes in her comapny.

It seems that I met her just a few seconds back. And why do I have to leave her so quickly? :-( :-(.

I stop thinking when I am with her. I lose myself when I am with her. And I want to be with her for a long long time.

But pleasure, they say, needs to be enjoyed in parts. And she always believes in advocating this quote.

After I wake up, the first thing that I comes to my mind is when will I get the privilege of having her comapny.

The moment she incites me with the slightest oppurtunity, I love to fall back to her. She doesn't complain. And I don't complain either.

And her thoughts come back to me - not less than ten times a day.

I have met her in little bursts over the past day - and I am longing to have her extended company tonight.

She is my precious friend - Sleep.

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