Of Playlists, Shuffle and Repeat

Times Change.

There was an age of Gramophones. This was the time when music started making a mark by making an entry in the homes of the people.

You could put on disc and listen to the best music in the comforts of the home. 

Then came the golden old tape-recorders.

It furthered the cause of music. Less bulkier than the Gramophones,they were instant hits.

But then none of these had a concept of Play lists, Shuffle and Repeat.

Then came MP3 players. 

For years, I did not know the meaning of MP3. Although today I thought what it stood for, Wikipedia proved me wrong. :-)

As you might be aware, the three most important things in a MP3 player today are - Play-lists, Shuffle and Repeat button.

Play-lists are used by us to compile a list of songs which we would like to commonly play and access. Needless to say, our favorites will figure here.

Next comes Shuffle. If you are getting bored with the sequence in which the songs are being played, then shuffle is the button for you. It showcases an important fundamental - Variety is the spice of life.

And then moving onto Repeat. This is one feature which allows you to play the same set of songs over and again. If you have small play-list, this is the button for you - you will never run out of songs, virtually. :-)

But why on earth am I thinking about these things, and worse still, writing about them?

The blame lies with the music of the single most awaited film in India - Anjaana Anjaani. 

Starring reigning queen of Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra, a.k.a. PC, and the nation's heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor, it's music is making waves.

The film's release has postponed already once, in view of the verdict of the most important court case in the recent Indian history, the Ayodhya Title Suit. But the judgment getting postponed by a week resulting in a heads on clash with the films release date, I thing the release will get postponed once again.

But the Indian janata is satisfying their desire for what looks to be a good movie, by generously accepting its classical music.

It's two songs - Tumse Hi Tumse and Naina Lageeyan Baarishan - have taken over my music player. They have got into a Play-list and the Repeat Button is on!! And needless to say, Shuffle is not at all in sight!!

Until recently, it was Mora Piya who had occupied this top notch position.

A friend asked me whether I had listened to the songs of this movie. Of course, I had. And needless to say, she too was impressed by music.

And when the time came to choose the favorite, she chose the second. And I chose the first.

The same question to another friend yielded a slightly different result - we both agreed on the same song being our favorite. :-)

But be it the first or the second, it's all music to the ears. 

And this is one music record which has made a mark with all its songs being head turners.
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