Stone Cold and Hot Head

The thing on top of my mind yesterday was champagne.

Yesterday evening, I kept on visualizing how a bottle of champagne is opened, thinking about the pop sound that it makes and the fizz & spray that it creates as it flows out.

It is not that I was eager to have a glass of it. I was comparing it to myself - the way my little mind works when I get angry. :-(.

It's not a good thing to get angry. However hard I try play Stone Cold Steve Austin, circumstances make me go the other way.

But within a matter of less than a day, I learned a valuable lesson on why thinking with a hot head is not a good thing. 

A situation had arisen yesterday where a particular decision was to be taken. 

Although the solution to the question at hand was quite logical, it was not acceptable due to the fact that it was against the expected answer of the person who had raised the question. 

Needless to say, the Champagne had already popped.

Time they say is the best healer. And as always, it came to the rescue.

The same problem was resolved today with the same answer!!

And this went on to highlight the fact that it is always nice to think with a calm head and open mind.

I strongly hope and pray to God that the Champagne pops lesser and lesser times.
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  1. Champagne is also good for heart!
    However the popping that you are talking about, I feel is more acquired and less inherent.
    Now you know where you have acquired it from ;-)
    Thoda less respond kar to every situation. The world will not stop :) believe me, you will feel much better!
    But it is easier said than done.

    I also went through similar emotions almost an year back :)
    Recorded here :