She was lost in her thoughts.

A small, broad smile crowned on her face. 

Her eyes were staring at something exceedingly alluring. 

Something extremely attractive had captured her entire attention. 

Now, what was that thing which was lucky enough to be the cynosure of her eyes? 

Well, it was her Future. 

I think she was dreaming about her future.

That had caught her in a spell. 

The spell was so binding that her eyes did not even flutter. The attention was unwavering. 

Future wasn't complaining either. After all, who would mind an attentive stare from a pretty girl. 

People crave for a casual glance. And here she was having a long thoughtful stare.

Like no one else, the future is always lucky enough to find herself at the center of attraction. 

People always think about her. And find her extremely beautiful. More pretty  than the past. More splendid than the present.

The wonderful thoughts of the future made her look more happy. This in turn made her look more ravishing.

The smile on her pretty face broadened as her thoughts progressed. 

And she lost herself further.
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  1. There we have the romance and passion!

  2. Who's the pretty lady? considering that you are the future? ;-)

  3. Hey Thanks for commenting on my post. I have 2 qs to ask u.
    1st What do u exactly meant by standing out? as the second pic was similar to the 1st?
    2nd Did u attend Mumbai's Indiblogger Meet?

  4. So u r in Hyderabad but y have u written Bombay? I think that is the reason that u couldn't attend. Am I right?

  5. Well. You are right :-)

    It's just that I am a native of Mumbai.. but currently in Hyderabad.