Everyone loves fantasies.


As the name itself suggests, it is an imagination unrestricted by realities. Without any boundaries. Where nothing is impossible. Where logic defying things are the norm of the day.

It takes us far far away from this real world, into an imaginary existence which we think would not be possible to realize in our living times.

Six years back, a friend introduced me to the wonderful world of Harry Potter. 

Harry Potter was already global phenomenon. 

J.K. Rowling had already published five best seller books in the Harry Potter Series. All over the world, these books had set the imagination on fire in people belonging to all age groups - kids to elders.

Needless to say, I too was instantly attracted to the magical world of witches and wizards, muggles and death eaters. 

The fondness developed for the series was so intense that the I managed to read the entire set of five books (those were the set which were published when I joined Harry potter club) within a span of a month. And that was after working for twelve hours a day.

This translated into an anticipated wait for the next two books of the series - including the final one. 

From guessing the names of the books to decoding what the names meant, (when only the name of the book was released a few months before the books itself hit the bookshelves), it was a wonderful journey.

The wait for the last two books was amazingly intense. By God's grace, the books were read within two days of its publishing. Thanks to the internet and PDF.

Such was the love for Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Such was the desire to know more about the Dark Lord. Such was the need to see and read the victory of good over evil. 

One thing that stood out about the Harry Potter series was the author's narration. The story line was astonishingly descriptive. The imagination was beyond comparison. From games to battles, from detesting relatives to loving friends and lovers, the story had everything. And this made it a best seller.

Moving on, the next fantasy story which caught my attention was - The Chronicles of Narnia.

This was a movie which I missed seeing. And this is a book which I am yet to read.

But I am so intrigued by the name, that every-time I visit a bookstore, I always decide that this is one book I should read. 

However, I have never managed to read this story till date. But certainly I hope that I get an oppurtunity to read this book. And transfer myself into another world of fantasies.

And finally, coming onto the rage of the day - the Twilight series.

Until recently, I was an outsider in the world of Twilight. My knowledge was limited to the name of the book's author and its the lead stars of the movie adaption of the book - Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

I has also read a few articles - describing how a book meant for kids was becoming a huge attraction among middle-aged ladies.

This is not something new to fantasy stories. They have a habit of attracting one and all.

My mind started contemplating between two options - reading the book and  watching the movie. The first option was holding more weight.

But things took turn for the better recently, when a friend insisted that I would never ever be able to find time to read the book. It would have been foolish of me not to agree with her. And that's when I decided to check out the movies of the Twilight series.

Two nights - four hours. That's my knowledge of the series. But I am already a big fan of Twilight.

The story had more of a human interface than Harry Potter. But it is equally intriguing, if not better.

If Dracula made vampires a rage, Twilight has made them into a cult. 

If the movie "Wolf" made werewolves a furor, Twilight has made them into a fad.

The story showcases several important facets of life like - love among unlikely people to hatred among similar people.

The story is fast, the relationships are complex. The hatred is continuously brimming and the Love is never ending . Its a perfect mix of fantasy and romance. 

And in the age of reality shows, this fantasy series - with its wonderful storyline, realistic characters which you can identify with, smart and beautiful vampires you would like to associate with and love you would like to take and give, has become an instant hit.  

I have one more movie to go - to ensure that I am upto date. I hope that it is quick.

And thank God for bringing such wonderful writers into our world. Thanks to them, we can escape reality into the realms of fantasies.
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  1. i LOVE the Harry Potter series! i liked the Twilight Saga a lot too, but the movies didnt do justice at all, don't you think?

  2. To a certain extent yes.

    But when time is short, and the love is overflowing, movies are the way out :-)