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The 2010 Soccer[Football] World Cup has kick started in South Africa day before yesterday. It is the first time an African nation is hosting the premier event. And it has been a moment of unabashed pride for them.

The World Cup is something which unites the world. 32 nations from across the World are playing for the Cup.

As the best footballers from across Europe, Latin America, Africa, North America and Asia will battle it out on the field for the top honors - their better half's would be vying for attention off the field.

I am referring to the WAGs - the Wives and Girlfriends of the super star footballers.

Some of these WAGs are stars in their own domains. 

Commonly they are criticized after their team is knocked out of the Cup. They are accused of distracting the players from their main job - playing football. 

But they are hardly ever praised when their husband's/boyfriend's- a top player - scores a goal and wins a match for his country. In this case, the skill of that player is attributed to his success - and not the moral support, motivation, relaxation et all provided by their better half's.

Needless to say - the WAGs have a thankless job. 

But they will be available in South Africa to cheer their men. And everyone hopes, each of their men perform exceedingly well.

Here is a marquee list of some top WAGs.

The English Squad has some of the most famous WAGs.

First is Abbey Clancy - the wife of English striker Peter Crouch. Her claim to fame - She is a top lingerie and catwalk model.

Next comes England's lynch pin Steven Gerrard's wife - Alex Curran. She is also an English model and a fashion columnist with the Daily Mirror.

Next is Coleen Rooney - wife of English Striker Wayne Rooney. She will strongly pray that her husband scores many goals and helps England lift the World Cup.

Moving on to other countries, first we have Alena Seredova. She is a Czech model and girlfriend of Italian goalkeeper - Gianluigi Buffon. She is an Italian super model and was recently voted as the Italian Woman of the Year.

Then you also have Irina Shayk, the most recent girl friend of Portuguese star Christiano Ronaldo. She is also a Russian super model.
You also have Sarah Brandner who is the wife of German star Bastian Schweinsteiger. Commonly like other WAGs, she is also a super model.

Sara Carbonero is a well known news sports reporter. That's her professional side. On the personal front, she is the better half of the Spanish goalie Iker Casillas.

These are some of the many WAGs who are bound to garner a lot of attention in the duration of the World Cup. Some of them are hoping to make this World Cup a stepping stone to their personal future commercial success.

While these ladies will watch their men play in the Cup, there are some others who wouldn't get the attention they would have liked.

The list includes English Star Cheryl Cole. She was until recently married to English player Ashley Cole, but has recently split from him. Net result - she can't be a WAG. But her ex-WAG status itself will get her a lot of attention.

And finally Louise Bonsall, wife of English Striker Michael Owen. Sadly Michael is not playing in the Cup. But if he was there, Louise - who is known to prefer horses to handbags - would have gained a lot of attention.

Keep reading the tabloids as they follow these super gals off the field.
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