Football World Cup 2010 - Anthems

The Football [Soccer] World Cup 2010 has entered the knock out phase. The pressure is building and the passion is rising.

One of the most significant visible benefits offered by the World Cup is the joy, pleasure, happiness that it spreads. It has the capability of lifting the spirits of an entire nation.

Nothing conveys this better than the two songs (and three videos) which have been the hallmark of this World Cup.

First of all is Shakira's Waka Waka - This Time For Africa

If Shakira's song is the official song of the Cup, K'naan's song - Wavin Flag - is also simply amazing.

Last but not the least is the Coca Cola's advertisement with the Wavin Flag song. They too have captured the best goal celebration moments of the World Cup nicely.

To say the least, these songs have become the anthems of the Football World Cup 2010. 

And they will be one of the strong reasons why this tournament will be remembered, apart from the football.
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