Why people quit jobs?

The recession is over. Or so they claim.

The job market is opening. And people are switching jobs. Or leaving jobs.

Here's a bird's eye view of some reasons why people leave the job in which they are currently placed.

Education - Leaving a job for pursuing studies is quite popular among people up to five years of experience. But it is not unheard of people with more experience leaving their jobs for similar pursuits. 
All of them have the same belief - this higher education would lead them to better professional opportunities and higher salaries - all of which would translate into improved lifestyles.

Higher Pay - The most significant visible benefit of any job is the salary which a person draws from it. 

People have needs, and as time progresses, these needs increase or become more complex. To support these enhanced needs, people take up jobs which pay them better. After all, we earn to live (or live to earn?)

Stagnation - Many a times people find themselves in jobs - playing roles - which they feel are stagnating their careers. 

Sometimes this is a fact, while in a few cases it is far from reality. But if this thought enters the mind of any individual, the pursuit of better opportunities make them jump jobs.

An Assignment Completion - Quite frequently, people are engaged in long drawn projects (sometimes stretching across several years), which draw out the best out of them. And once these projects come to a conclusion, these guys/gals feel a sense of void within them. 

When the sprint of working in such a high profile assignments turns into a stroll post it, it becomes difficult for people to accept the transition. With this comes a need for a change. And commonly, it translates into a change of job.

Relationships - Most commonly, people switch job for relationships. 

At one end of the spectrum you have people quitting their jobs as their partner's, spouses or families move across cities - which make it impossible for them to retain jobs in some cases. 

At the other end of the line, you have one person in a relationship stay back at home to take care of the home and the kids, while the other partner pursues his/her professional interests. The second reason is less common these days.

A Bad Boss or a Poor Team - For every individual, his view of his organization are his peers and his bosses. A bad team or a poor boss sometimes becomes a driving factor for a job change. 

Commonly, although other factors might be in favor of this individual continuing with his job, negative points on this part make him take a decision for a job change.

Stress - Commonly people are engaged in jobs which are highly stressful. This takes a toll on their health, personal lifestyle and relationships. 

They take a decision that health, life and relationships all come before work. And make a decision to quit. Indeed it is a correct decision.

The Work Itself - Frequently people think they are doing work which does not do justice to their talents. 

I think this thought must be coming to each and every individual at some stage of their professional life. 

While some think that it is just a passing phase, a few think oterwise. This becomes one of the important reasons for quitting jobs - with the expectation that their next job will do justice to their immense talents.

The list is endless and organizations, over the years, have learned to deal with such changes.
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