Cellar Heights

You must have heard about the Figure of Speech - Antithesis.

Antithesis  is a counter-proposition  and denotes a direct contrast to the original proposition.

At school, when they teach you this figure of speech, the most common example which is quoted is - Man proposes, God disposes.

It does convey the idea completely.

But recently, on a vacation at the Kanha National Park in Central India, the name of a location in the jungle bought back memories of this figure of speech.

In pursuit of the elusive Tiger, the driver and the guide of the Jeep Safari referred to a place called - Cellar Heights.

The name stood out.

The opposition of these two two words was stark.

And the creativity of the person who gave the name to this place was simply amazing.

I was so hooked on to this word that the thoughts of the tiger which was supposedly spotted in Cellar Heights were often left on the back burner.
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