Thursday, 9 June 2011

Give Me Wings

Two questions.

Have you been a part of a team which has built a beautiful and elegant castle, only to have someone else live in it later?

Elegant Castle
Well, how does it feel?

Gut wrenching? Or heart breaking? Or Simply disappointing?

Have you been part of a team which has built a super jumbo air plane, only to have someone else fly it, up in the air, later?

Majestic Super Jumbo
Well, how does it feel?

Full of pride? Brimming with happiness? And amazing exhilaration?

Similar question. Different answers.

Go ahead. Convert your elegant castle into a majestic airplane.

Give them wings. 

And I pray to God Almighty, to give me wings.

Give Me Wings
Last picture courtesy - This site.

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Simran said...

Where do you get these thoughts from?? You are just fantabulous!!

Vyankatesh said...

Thought about it in the bus today, on the way back home :-)

Anonymous said...

Simplt outstanding!!! What a thought!

Mattias Kroon said...

Good post Vyankatesh!

I guess you are in a team already.We can work as a team in our group to increase the traffic to our blogs and everyone will enjoy the fruit of it:)

Jyoti Mishra said...

loved the thought !!!
somewhere down we all seek for such wings...... :)

Simran said...

I wish I had wings to go places, airfares are too high now a days. You know what I mean, Venky!! :))

Vyankatesh said...

Agreed Mattias!!

Thanks Jyoti and Simran again!!

MoonShine said...

Again a nice post, Vyankatesh.
You have good capacity to think and write. Keep writing. :D

Visit me:

- Sugar Cube - said...

Wow..awesome analogy!

Ranjith (SR) | A light hearted talk said...

Those were wonderful thoughts. Those few words can chnade the day to the better.
A light hearted talk

Ranjith said...

chnade --? change
*typographical error

MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!. said...

Good Post Really.Thanks for dropping in

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