Unfailing Spirit

It's just half past 4 in the morning this Saturday morning. As I queued up for a quick security check at the Mumbai domestic airport, I could see my fellow travelers - yawning wide, with their red eyes hardly open.

Among them, I spotted three other ladies - decked in bright red. And if you have guessed it right, they are the Kingfisher Cabin crew girls. And within a moment, I had a flood of thoughts rushing through my mind.

Unfailing Spirit
Unfailing Spirit
The fate of Kingfisher Airlines is splashed across the pages of the Economic Times almost every single day. The talks vary from the airline shutting down, to a foreign airline buying stake in the carrier which is facing a difficult time.

From once being touted as the king of the Indian airspace, Kingfisher is running a curtailed schedule with just 9 of their planes in the air. They have a debt of more than 5000 crore Rupees. The employees have not been paid since March 2012.

Yet, here they were - the three member cabin crew - dressed up in their bright red attire, early in the morning, when the world was asleep, reporting on duty. I was left awe struck.

What motivated these employees, who were not paid for the last 6 months, to report to work every single day? 

Is it the faith they have in their organization, to rise back from the ashes like a phoenix? Or is it just the fact that this is the only option for them? An optimistic me suggests and hopes its the former.

What is it that keeps them going in these difficult times? Is it their perseverance, or is it the belief that they will ride out the storm?  Is it their tenacity? 

Whatever be the reason, at least one thing is sure. They have an unfailing spirit. And it is this spirit which will help Kingfisher paint the sky red in the coming days.

I wish and hope that I am correct, if not for anyone, at least for these girls.

May their spirit win.

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