Magical You

Being with You,
Would I need magic?
A lady that you are mystic,
By God's grace, we did click.

In the absence of magic,
All I need is you.
To make me feel happy n' nice,
I just crave for you. 

Completing my life simple,
Coloring it with shades of autumn.
You and me maybe two dear,
I wish us to be one. 

Our life is a canvas vast,
You make us sail in full mast.
Let us win the world as one, 
With you, it could be done.

Let us weave dreams, 
Sharing moments priceless.
Cherish our small wins,  
Sharing love boundless.

With you, I feel anew,
You color my life in multiple hues.
Sparkling my mornings, you're my dew,
Be mine forever, oh Magical You.

Magical You
Magical You
P.S. For a Magical Miss.

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