A Day at Work

Professions can be interesting and challenging. 

Would there be a better way, than the below lines from Extreme Ways - The Bourne Ultimatum, to summarize our work?

Extreme ways that help me,
That help me out late at night.
Extreme places I had gone,
But never seen any light.

Dirty basements, dirty noise,
Dirty places coming through.
Extreme worlds alone,
Did you ever like it then.

I would stand in line for this,
There's always room in life for this.

Well, the last two lines is what you would say when you check out the interesting pictures below, about A Day at Work.


My Day At Office Alessandra Ambrosio

Yes, this is my office. Aren't you surprised by the idyllic settings? And a very plain board, telling - people at work - as against the neon flashing lights that you see these days?

This is where I come to work every day. Isn't it bright and sunny?

My Cafe At Office Alessandra Ambrosio

This is where I catch up with a cup of coffee every morning, as I plan my day ahead. The cozy cushions and the hot cup of tea have me revving up for the busy day ahead. And yes, I am not working at Google.

How Far is my Goal Alessandra Ambrosio

However well I am prepared, the goals set for me by my manager look way to far. My nice shades help me keep focused in the bright sunny weather.

And if you see carefully, there isn't even a hint of tiredness on my face? You are welcome to guess the reasons.

Refueling at Work Alessandra Ambrosio
Refueling at work is a must. How else would you keep chugging along through the entire day?

Don't be surprised by the name - Last Chance. It has created many chances for me to get some nice productive work done over the years.

My Bus Stop near Office Alessandra Ambrosio

This is where I catch my bus back home. The frequency is not too good, but it's manageable. Ah, and I am asking the authorities to put up a seat.

Hitching a Ride Alessandra Ambrosio
If I'm late, I can always hitch a ride back home. This place is good, with a bit of shade. And if you are baffled why the motorists would stop, you better think about an answer fast.

Before you get any silly ideas, let me say that I'm just an interesting company on the ride back to town. And interesting companions are always cherished.

Relax at Office Alessandra Ambrosio
And this is where I spend my weekend, once in a while. Close to office, with the best of the facilities, providing easy access - it helps me rejuvenate for the week ahead.

Are you humming - I would stand in line for this, There's always room in life for this??

P.S. These are some interesting pictures which I came across in yesterday's news. She is Alessandra Ambrosio, super model and mom of 2.
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  1. Now that I am student again, I would tell you that I do not miss working - even though I loved my job :-).

    Nice collection of photos :-)

    P.S. It is insanely difficult to comment on your blog because of all these advertisements. :-(

  2. Interesting and unique perspective on work:)