Forget Me

She asked me to forget her. 

I knew the she would say so one day. Little did I know that the day would arrive so soon. I was disappointed. "Hugely" would not do justice as an apt adverb. 

It was half past midnight and a very likely setting for such a request.  Hidden under the guise of darkness, with just a hint of reflected brightness, she made this unimpassioned appeal. Sitting a thousand miles across me.  

She added that parting is a way of life. She asked me to bury her memories in the vagaries of time. But when memories are an integral part of you, what can you bury? Memories or you yourself? 

She wanted to move ahead, to win her life.  And to move ahead, you need to leave someone or something behind. In this case, I was the one who would be left behind. 

Was it incidental that I was explaining and advocating this concept of leaving behind to someone, just a day before. Doesn't life have a beautiful way of teaching lessons?

I was happy that she was winning. However, a tinge of sadness added to my happiness. Was I sad because I was the one who was left behind? Or was I jealous? Or did I just fear losing someone with whom I was comfortable?

Until we meet again was not an option. Never say never again would probably be just a empty thought. 

The world goes around the sun everyday. Nothing would change this fact. But what would happen if the sun which made your nights bright didn't rise? 

It would be terribly missed. 

Forget Me
Forget Me - Not

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