My Princess

As the moon sets,
And the orange sun rises.
It's as if we have just met,
I am thankful, Your Highness.

Brighter than a spark,
Lively is my girl.
On a journey long, lets embark, 
As our dreams we unfurl.

With you I feel content,
Sharing my thoughts heartfelt.
Do you feel complete,
As our ideas meet?

Its you I admire,
Its you I aspire.
Whats a spark, if not a fire,
You are my sapphire.

Proud of your wins,
Are we lost twins?
Let's fly as free birds,
Traveling far and upwards.

Charming is my gal,
Enamoring me with her wit.
My best friend by far,
Threads we are closely knit.

The canvas of our life,
Welcomes us with a million shades.
Color me vivid, be my Picasso
My Darling, My Princess.  

My Princess Kate Middleton
My Princess

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  1. AWWW soooo lovely! The best poem I've read in the last few days! :D

    Given the fact that it's been months since I actually read blogs! XD

    Keep up the awesome work dude! :)