Together Let Us Fly

Two Birds In Flight
Two birds in flight,
Are majestic in sight.
To discover the worlds gifts,
They live their life.

Crossing the oceans long,
Across the sandy dunes.
He sings a song,
A companion giving him tune.

A pair in flight,
Multiplies its might.
Giving each other wings,
Sometimes lost in sweet nothings.

The sparkle in her eyes,
The charm in her smile.
Can soar him higher,
Make him strive harder.

For someone he propels,
If its anyone, It's her.
With love he swells,
Pepped up by a caring her.

His pride in her,
Ignites her aspirations.
Setting her for victory,
Spirals her confidence.

Cherishing her dreams,
Sharing her passions.
Happy about her wins,
He's glad for his queen.

Simple birds, exquisite two. 
Flying along, coloring vivid hues. 
The world is our sky,
Together Let Us fly.

P.S. Let me add, forever!!

Together Let Us Fly
Together Let Us Fly Together Let Us Fly Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Impressive poetry!

    You are timing your metaphors that one could think you have won a poetry contest with this one.May your dreams be fulfilled!

  2. The world is our sky,
    Together Let Us fly...

    lovely as ever vyankatesh..