Quotes on Life

A few thoughts this Sunday evening.

  • How does grey matter assimilate grey thoughts? By churning them enough to transform them into black or white.
  • Birds of same feather flock together. And with your different feathers, just feel happy and blessed about their uniqueness.
  • Destiny is as fickle as thin air. Destiny is also as constant as time. When it crosses paths with you, it can spiral your spirit into a lifetime of glory.
  • Curiosity may have killed the cat. Curiosity also powered Columbus to discover America. Be Curious.
  • If you are smiling alone, you know the smile is for someone special.
  • Discovering a diamond is heartening. Rediscovering her, everyday, is priceless.
  • Determination can move mountains. Determination can also take you past rough seas. Determination will make you a winner.

Fly High
P.S. Four hours of travel every day gives Yours Truly to reflect on life's experiences and thoughtful ideas shared by wonderful people.

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