Till Eternity

Into the room cold, 
Sashayed in a star.
A bit brash, a bit bold, 
Opening my dreams ajar.

My eyes just chased her,
She avoided my gaze.
Something alluring in her,
Left me in a daze.

Bright in yellow,
A sparkling sunflower.
In my thoughts she hovers,
I wished forever.

Something else left me in awe,
It was her beguiling smile.
Exquisitely polished, a tinge raw,
Crowning her enticing eyes.

Beauty was only a tiara,
Decked with diamonds of intelligence. 
Mesmerizing was her striking aura, 
Setting me in a trance.

I just wished for one blessing,
Could she be my princess charming.
In her brightness, in her glow,
I could forever flow.

Precious and priceless is the gal,
Just be my lifelong pal.
I would cherish you till infinity,
Be mine Till Eternity. 

P.S. I think she could teach me something which I had almost forgotten. Smile.

Be Mine Till Eternity

Till Eternity Till Eternity Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Saturday, June 02, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Wow! This is brilliant. Maaaan she has definitely managed to inspire the poet in you BIG TIME!

    I liked these lines a lot

    "Beauty was only a tiara,
    Decked with diamonds of intelligence"

    PS- Its always a delight to read your poems:)

  2. So cute and such an honest expression. Not sure, if this is meant to be pure fiction - even if it is..you have expressed very naturally.

    Your follower No 121