Shadows. Yes, we have always feared shadows. They are a representation of a dark someone threatening to stalk us. Maybe even swallow us. However, the fact they never ever do so - yet keep lurking around - makes the fright continual.

As a little kid, I feared shadows - be it while walking in a dark alley, or climbing up the staircase during a power cut. The chatter about ghost stories among the friends didn't help the cause. 

The thought about the unknown ghoul waiting to strike his little victim - me - made me feel helpless. For all practical purposes, I would end up running down those dark alleys or up the stairs. It simply reduced the time my mind bothered about such thoughts, and it was a bit comforting.

An empty home, a new place, and similar such instances saw such shadows grow by epic proportions. No, The shadows were the same, the circumstances multiplied the effects. 

My only solace was to hit the bed, curled up under the blanket, hidden from the world, oblivious to what ever would happen in the world outside my blanket.

Then came an awakening thoughts - Don't fear shadows, they simply mean that light is shining somewhere nearby. It was a "but obvious" thought. Needless to say, it had missed my "shadowed" mind. The comfort of a light - however small - shining nearby is indeed heartening, like the early morning rays of sun after a dark night.

Then came Harry Potter and Dementors. Dementors were as dark as shadows. Harry was scared by the Dementors - known for sucking the happiness out of any living man - with their darkness. But not for long. Yes, under the guidance Professor Snape and Dumbledore, he conquered his fear and overpowered the Dementors.

And yes, all shadows are not bad. Like being under the shadows of God's blessings, or under the shadow of good friends and teachers. Being under the shadow of love is a blessing in itself. 

Don't you love to stand in the shadow of a tall structure or a tea in the sweltering heat? And the number of such "good" shadows are outnumber the "dark" shadows.

Love thy shadows.


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  1. nice post and the imagery but some how i have nvr been scared of shadows or dark for that matter nything neither as a child nor as a result :)

  2. Hi

    Very Nice POst and I am in total agreement with 'The comfort of a light - however small - shining nearby is indeed heartening'


  3. I kinda like bad shadows too, scary shadows always are exciting to be around. I used to get scared to go upstairs in the dark when I was a kid, but as I grew up I loved walking in the dark shadows... it always made me expect and be on a look out on what came next.
    Nice post and very different thoughts here :)

  4. I too was scared of shadows when I was a kid. I used to run to leave them.. :D But now I feel it as a companion seeing my shadow.

  5. Thought provoking indeed!
    I liked of the pun of words in the 6th paragraph.
    Wonderful post:)