Super Moon 5th May 2012

Today is Super Moon day.

It's the closest the moon will get to the earth in year 2012. It would be shining bright at a distance of 221802 miles (356955 KMs) from the earth, which is approximately 15300 miles (24623 KMs) closer than the average distance.

Super Moon 5th May 2012
This would make the moon look 14% larger - although the naked eye would find it difficult to spot the difference.

The super moon shines,
Our thoughts align.
To your company divine,
My future I consign.

Like the moon large,
My life you enlarge.
Stay alike every single day,
And make my life gay.

Look out of the window and cherish the moment.

Super Moon

Catch some beautiful super moon pictures here.

Super Moon 5 May 2012 California
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  1. I have clicked a few pictures too.. Thosse were wonderful lines on super moon.

  2. Ah! The moon and her enigmatic pull :)
    Nice words to accompany the beautiful picture.