It's All In The Mind

In the dark night, 
On an empty bed, 
My words take flight, 
Taking me nowhere. 

Tears in my eyes, 
Make them bloody red. 
The soul pains and cries, 
Sadness fails to fade. 

An empty life that I lead,  
Heavy is my hollow soul. 
Poison it does breed, 
Making my psyche dour. 

Critical of myself, 
I create a demon. 
Demeaning thoughts make me an elf, 
Causing needless sunburn. 

As the world jets ahead, 
I crawl like a snail.  
Of what I am made, 
I am yet to tell.

I yearn for a promising future, 
Wish to see it shining bright, 
And so will be the picture, 
If my mind feels it right.  

It's All In The Mind

P.S. These were some thoughts which troubled my mind as I struggled to sleep a few weeks back. Finally I managed to sleep when the positive closing thoughts crossed my mind. 

To conclude, it's all in the mind. If the mind can dream up the picture, it can as well be well endowed to paint it.

An apprehensive mind is like a flower which prevents itself from blooming. If the mind can conquer the apprehensions, it can conquer the world.

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  1. Very good poem, It's always important to find you way through lifes problems.