My Pole Star

Among the million stars,
Shining bright, sparkling alight.
You are the best by far,
Showcasing your supreme might.

I'm awe of you dear,
Since the day I discovered you. 
Wish you could always be near. 
Casting your magic in several hues.

Admiration for you is boundless,
Your charm is petite.
You are a miss matchless,
You are angelic and sweet. 

Blessed with intelligence,
In flight with feet on ground.
Fantastic is your commitment,
Just make my world go round.

You are a gem priceless,
Give me the privilege to discover you.
A pearl you are flawless,
Just let me adore you.

Be my precious dew.
On a early winter morning. 
Color my sky blue,
Solve my life puzzling.

Guide my fortunes,
Don't be so afar.
Let my life revolve around you,
Be my Pole Star.   

P.S. Today's events remind me of the Pole Star. Can someone be far yet influencing, like a Pole Star?

P.S.2. My wish today - only if you could be my Pole Star!!

My Pole Star My Pole Star Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Friday, June 22, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. May you find your pole star:)

  2. its interesting that almost everyone has a pole star in his/her life... :)

    awesome verses as ever !!!