Her Excellency

In awe of her,
Lost I was forever.
What's special about her,
What made her a numero uno girl.

Elegant to the hilt,
Classy was her demeanor.
Towards her I tilt,
Attracted by a demure her.

Composed and calm,
She holds a steady charm.
Mesmerizing me with her grace,
She is an ace.

Wish she could talk,
And talk forever. 
In her glory I would walk,
And  walk forever.

In hands of God,
I leave my fate.
Bless me My Lord,
Make me her mate.

I would cherish her, 
Would be enormously happy.
Win our aspirations together,
Only for my lady. 

In her I see,
Bits n' lots of me.
A starlet is the lady,
She is Her Excellency. 

P.S. She is Flawless.

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