Looking into your eyes,
I discovered a diamond.
Your charm I surmise,
Allures me, unlike anyone. 

What do I say,
There's lot to share.
Moments priceless and gay,
Will you patiently hear?

An ear for your words soft,
Let me lose in your tales.
Your dreams will hold me aloft,
As we take on the wind n' gale. 

We may fall,
We may stumble.
Promising to rise after every fall,
Will make us a winner.

Walk besides me,
Hold my hands.
Be my Queenie,
You are my magic wand.

A lady par excellence,
You are my Miss Perfect,
A gal with supreme confidence,
Let me be your Mr Perfect. 

I could win the world,
With aspirations that you sow.
At the end of the day,
I would just cherish my Princess thou.  
With you I feel blessed,
I admire you endless.
With love, you color my heart red,
You are a dame Flawless.

P.S. I could go on and on about the Alluring Angel. This time I haven't put a picture, because she is where it matters the most - in my heart.

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