Dark was the night, 
The stars shone bright, 
The waves kissed the sand, 
Making it feel grand. 

I held your hand, 
Blessed and pleased by your touch warm,
Your wish was my command,
You made me feel solemn and calm.

Your wavy tresses fluttered across your eyes soft, 
Your fragrance held my mind aloft,
I treasured your company,
A special lady, you made me feel mushy.

I appreciated you generously,
You accepted it modestly,
You urged me to end our dream,
How could I, you attraction was supreme.

Across the window streaked soft moonlight ageless,
A fire fly dazzled in the darkness, 
Candles flickered, beaming their essence, 
Oh Sweetie, what stood out was your Radiance. 

Your Radiance

Radiance Radiance Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Saturday, August 20, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. i couldnt help but say "awwwww" after reading this :D

    lovely lines!!!

  2. Ahaaa.. beautiful poem... enjoyed every line of it.. great imagination

  3. Feel n emotions behind those lines r very strong and they were projecting right from each line.
    Great job

  4. Hey, this is so beautiful, love it:) Last line is super...

  5. Thank You Pri, Anand, Jyoti and Saru :)