A Tryst Forever

I saw you go away,
My eyes were a bit moist.
I had my fears to allay,
Will we have yet another tryst?

I hoped for your quick return,
My heart missed beats in your absence.
For you did I yearn,
Longing for your fragrance.

One evening cold and rainy,
You appeared like the elusive tigress.
The weather was blustery,
Your beauty petite and flawless.

You appeared to ignore me then,
I seemed to look through you.
Yet we turned our heads again,
Did it reveal some clue?
Lovely And Mystic
You are still enigmatic,
An empitome of grace.
You are a flower, lovely and mystic,
This world is your vase.

Your charm is cosmic,
You make me poetic.
Your beauty is rustic,
Your make me lovesick.

The hands across your chest, stood like a rampart,
Leaving me in a bind.
Are you closing the doors of your heart,
Until I reach your mind?

Only If we know each other,
Maybe we could click.
Our destiny would possibly alter,
Our journey could be epic.

All I can do is pray to God Almightly,
Can we each other conquer?
Our life would be pure and sunny,
I would pray our tryst goes on, forever.

A Tryst With You
P.S. Few months ago, you were A Breath Of Freshness. You still are, and I hope you are, forever. Your beauty is timeless.

A Tryst Forever A Tryst Forever Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Saturday, August 27, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Poignant and emotional...who is she?

  2. Very romantic Vyankatesh... Pray to the Almighty and the destiny would be an altar :)

  3. Does one have to be in love with the subject in order to create a poem of beauty? or is it the love of beauty or the love of poetry that creates the poem.

  4. very beautiful expressions..
    sensual.... a stunner :)

    Nice read !!

  5. @Alka - Thanks. She is a lady I came across.

    Thank You Anand.

    @Mattais - Disappointingly No :-(

    Thanks Saru.

    @Tim - I think it was the experience which was behind the crafting of this poem.

    Thank You Jyoti. I'm glad you liked it.