Jekyll And Hyde

A man ordinary by the day, 
A demon by the night. 
He kept on the bay, 
The other side which he himself did fright. 

He wore a mask, 
Which came down by dusk.
In his crime he did bask, 
His qualities good lost in his manner brusque.

Sparked by God's strength , 
He did wonderful things. 
Possesed by demons, 
He turned dark and cunning. 

Hyde was a storm, 
Ripping across the ocean. 
Jekyll reflected a sea calm and warm,  
Without a wave or trough in motion. 

The transition was instantaneous and blind, 
Sparked by emotions wild. 
Putting a strain on his feeble mind, 
All it did play was havoc... the reason he was riled.

Did they like Jekyll?
Or did they hate Hyde? 
Which emotion was stronger, without any vile,
This question plagued his mind, as he cried.

Then came the moment, 
To dig a grave deep and dour. 
To bury the ghost of Hyde errant, 
After exorcising it, the need of the hour.

On a calm summer evening, 
Up above the world so high. 
The deed was completed as it was in the offing, 
The mind let out a sigh. 

What next the psyche wondered, 
Will the soul purefied stand the test of time?
I only hope my soul is armored,
God Almighty, please let it be so, for a lifetime.

Jekyll And Hyde
P.S. This is not a story about Jekyll and Hyde.
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