The Land Of Fairies

Drifting in the alleys were you beauties,
Bewitching me with your incense,
I was in the land of fairies, 
Oh lovely ladies, Your attraction was intense.

Smooth and silken mane, 
Flying seamlessly in the dry sunny air, 
It flutters across my brazen face, 
Enchanting me with a fragrance nameless. 

Mesmerizing Fairies

Crystal white eyes, 
Shining brighter than sharpest diamonds, 
Losing in them would be a dream peachy, 
Was I swimming into the sea of eternity?

You all are princesses I admire,
Dazzling in flowering and enticing attire,  
Snow white .. lusty black .. myriad colors imaginative, 
Mesmerising my senses, holding me captive.

Your companionship is treasured, 
Supremely priceless but unreachable,  
You can only be a part me my dream colored, 
Your thoughts get my eyes to twinkle.

You fascinate me and hold me in a trance,
Is there a chance that we could ever romance?
You trot across my mind, raising passions,
And transcede it into mighty heavens. 

Charming Enchantresses In The Land Of Fairies
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