Interesting Searches

Google has transformed the way people search over the internet. Blogger has given a way to ordinary people like me to hone their writing skills. And Clicky, my tracker, has given a beautiful way of tracking visitor stats. 

Here is an interesting compilation of the search queries of some visitors who landed on my blog in the last 7 days.

  • A breath of freshness in late August
  • A happy girl is the future of India
  • Accepting and facing problems
  • She is a real beauty
  • Beds on the beach
  • False consciousness culturally instilled of religion
  • Has Kris retired from Infosys
  • Hina Rabbani khar married
  • Hina Rabbani khar vital stats
  • How to pray to god for rewinding time
  • I Like You
  • Ignorance is not an excuse
  • Ignorance is not bliss 
  • I'm sorry  
  • In god we trust 2011
  • Inspiration words of thanks for a job well done
  • Internet addiction  
  • Is not chivalry dead
  • Shuffle really really
  • We live our lives in compartments
  • Were there two operation Geronimo, one at abbotabad in Pakistan and other at a cine studio in Israel or the US
  • What does a hair color say about a people
  • What is the main aim of Jan lokpalbill
  • Who invented the Facebook like button
  • Why did Mao zedong create maoism
  • You are a real beauty 
The list has been compiled with all due respects to the visitors. After all, we all, including me, look for answers to different and varied questions on the internet.
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