Winston Churchill on Russia

Winston Churchill, the ex British Prime Minister, was the most formidable leader in World War 2.

Popularly known as the British bulldog, his quotes are widely remembered even today - due to their aptness.

Moving on to the USSR.

The USSR - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - when it existed between 1922 and 1991 - was the largest country in the World.

More than 10000 kilometers wide, 5000 kilometers tall, spread across 11 time zones, with just a population of 293 million - it was a country very limitedly known by the world. And that is the case even today.

The USSR now exists as Russia, albeit in a smaller form (it is an understatement to call it small), and is as strong as it was earlier.

And why are we discussing about Churchill and Russia?

Here's the reason.

Faced with a critical challenge during World War 2, Churchill said these famous line explaining Russia.

It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma;but perhaps there is a key.

It is a picture perfect description of a nation which has intrigued many a generations, including today's generation.

Quite interesting isn't it??
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