Tees Maar Khan

Diwali is considered to be one of the most auspicious occasions to wish and hope for the success of any activity in India.

And on this Diwali, considering this very fact, the maker's of the movie "Tees Maar Khan" decided to launch its movie promos and trailers across India today.

I have been on leave for this entire week. Watching songs on television was the most common pass time, considering my love for music.

But today, the new trailers from this movie were a welcome change. And needless to say, they were immensely attractive.

Although it would be extremely difficult to list down at least "Tees" (Thirty) reasons to watch this movie, a feeble attempt can be made to list at least a few.

Here goes the list.

Right at the top, the movie looks to be a perfect Bollywood masala movie. The dialogs looks witty and the cast is attractive.

It seems to have adequate support characters which help in propping up any Bollywood movie. And lastly, it should definitely have some nicely shot songs.

Second reason is the plot itself. The exploits of a conman have thrilled many a generations. 

Add some fun, some thrill, some excitement, some messy situations to this plot, and you have an winning theme. The last such movie which made a immense mark was "Oye Lucky.. Lucky Oye" starring Abhay Deol.

Next comes the director - Farah Khan. I would say, she has made an effective transition from being a choreographer to a director.

This is just her third film in the last seven years - which indicates that she must be putting a lot of thought before starting on any new venture. Her last two movies were excellent commercial success stories.

"Main Hoon Na" was released way back in 2004, when I was still a college student. It was considered to be good entertainer, alothough some people might disagee. And "Om Shanti Om" managed to keep me intrigued for three hours when I was alone in a foreign land.

Coming next is the USP of the movie - the lead star - Akshay Kumar. From the trailers, he seems to have played the role of the conman perfectly - with his timely dialog delivery and excellent acting.

He has already made his mark in some comic roles earlier. And people must be looking forward to this witty role.

And if Akshay Kumar is around, how can Katrina Kaif be behind? She will be romancing Akshay in this movie.

And most likely, she will be his crime partner and will be assisting him in his "not-so-good" con jobs. One thing is for sure - she will be setting the silver screen on fire with her alluring dances and enticing looks.

Next comes Akshay "Eclipse" Khanna.

He makes appearances in movies with such rarity that it would give the humble solar and lunar eclipses a complex. But if you are a fan of Akshay Khanna, then you would rush to the nearest theatre to have a look at him.

Then you also have Salman Khan, who has taken a cue from his sister-in-law Mallaika Arora Khan, and has worked on an item song in this movie.

What would be your take on Munna Badnaam Hua??

And finally, considering Shahrukh Khan's friendship with the director, you can have King Khan in a hush-hush secret role.

These seem to be the few reasons why the movie should generate enough attention in run up to its release on 24th Dec 2010.

That brings, to my mind, another reason for watching this movie. For the last two years, movies released on the Christmas weekends - "Ghazini" in 2008, and "Three Idiots" in 2009 - have been mega blockbusters.

Will "Tees Maar Khan" keep up that tradition? Only time will tell.

And only time will tell whether I get the oppurtunity to watch this movie on that weekend.

Until then, we can have the songs for our company. Catch some of them right below as you wait in anticipation.

The first one is the overall promo for the movie.

This one is the almost the title song of the movie.

And then finally you have the hit item number - Sheila Ki Jawani. Katrina Kaif is bound to set the silver screen on fire with this rocking dance.

Sunidhi Chauhan has given her voice to this song. And I can't thing of any other Indian lady singer who would have done better justice to this titillating number.

Tees Maar Khan Tees Maar Khan Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Friday, November 05, 2010 Rating: 5


  1. Unfortunately, the movie fails to excite me, even though I like Farah Khan movies!

  2. Thanks Rohini for dropping by.

    The first promo caught my attention.

    And with the recently released - Sheila Ki Jawani - I think they have a money spinner under their belt.

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