Who Is She???

She came. She saw. She conquered.

She conquered my heart.

Her beatific smile made me fall in love with her. 

With her fluffy cheeks, and broadly stretched lips, her smile was simply bewitching. I just couldn't stop smiling in return.

It didn't matter that she wasn't seeing the happiness on my face.  But then everyone doesn't know how much you love or like them. And she was one among them.

Innocence reflected on her sweet face. Her purity caught my attention and since then hasn't left my mind. I can feel her simplicity without having a look at her.

She was a cutie pie. An angel heart.

Every time she looks at me, my heart skips a beat. And she has been looking at me continuously for the last one day. 

They say - Eyes can kill. And she has those eyes.

I just can't stop myself from looking at her hundred times a day. 

All that I feel while working is to lock my computer and just have a look at her. Keep staring at her. And feel nice. And feel happy.

She is the girl who has captured my heart. And my desktop.

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