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A long time back, when I was a child, reading was the most common pastime. 

Back then, we didn't have Cable TV, Internet, Computers et all to keep us  engaged. And reading was one habit which I pursued a lot - although it was mostly limited to vacations.

Apart from reading fiction and detective novels, I was passionate about reading comics. Phantom, Archie, Mandrake, Chacha Chaudhary etc etc were my favorites. 

Each and every story of Archie comics is incomplete without the two pretty girls - Betty Copper and Veronica Lodge. They battled on various fronts - including vying for Archie's attention. 

The duel which stood out was that of hair color's. 

Veronica commonly took swipes at Betty's blonde hair color - often accusing her of being dumb. Quite on the contrary, she was the most intelligent among the lot.

Veronica was a beautiful brunette - who considered herself to be more intellectually superior to Betty - while she was to the contrary.

And this battle of hair color's continued for as long as I remember. 

This made me think - what are the most common hair color's for people across the world? Does being blonde or brunette matter?

The most common hair color for people across the world is black. 

We don't have any percentages about the people who have black hair. But it is considered to be the most common.

Then you have the brunettes. They have hair with a shade of brown.

Featured above is Katie Holmes - the better half of Hollywood star Tom Cruise. 

Other starlets who sport this hair color include Penelope Cruz, Keira Knightley and the current Twilight heartthrob - Kirsten Stewart.

Then you have the "legally blonde" hair color. 

These are most common in people who have their origins in Eastern and Northern Europe - yet it can be seen in people across the world.

You would find many actresses with enticing blonde hair color - Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, Uma Thurman et all.

Before we go onto red hair, have a look at the Auburn colored hair. Auburn - as per the dictionary - is a hair color which is moderately reddish brown.

Kate Winslet, Kylie Minogue are some super stars who are known to have auburn colored hair.

And then you have red hair.

This color has the distinction of being the least commonly occurring hair color among the people.

Among the few stars who have red colored hair are Julianne Moore, Lindsay Lohan and Kirsten Dunst. The list is very limited - due to the rare occurrence of this hair color.

You also have honey colored hair.
Jennifer Aniston, Jenifer Lopez, Eva Mendes commonly sport this hair color. 

And there would be several such hair color styles - which we might not be even aware of. But needless to say, the people who own them would be proud of them.

In this age of commercialization and fashion, you can have a hair color of your choice. All you need to do is buy some Hair Coloring Solution. 

It will change your hair color - either temporarily or permanently. 

Temporary change of hair color is in vogue these days. After all, you can sport a new hair color every few months. That's why they said - variety is the spice of life.

And maybe that's the reason I found Kirsten Stewart featuring almost every possible hair color while researching for this blog. 

Catch some of her pictures below

Here she is with black hair.

And then with Blonde Hair.

And then with Auburn Hair.

What next??
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