Saturday, 25 June 2011

I Miss You

Happy Me,
Happy You.
You are a beauty,
Smart and lovely.

Principles strong,
Promised to hold them lifelong.
Profession noble,
You are an angel.

Shared your worldy knowledge,
You are a girl vintage.
For you, I did yearn,
You are a lady modern.

Your company is pleasing,
Loving and basking.
I love our musing,
You are a girl charming.

A dame dutch,
A persona nonesuch.
You impressed me much,
Your aura was such.

A miss hebrew,
If only I could pursue.
Wish I could be your beau,
Oh dear, I miss you.

P.S. This is for the mystical girl. What is it about you, that made me miss you?

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Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Vyankatesh!

You are a professional poet.Just let me know if you want any of your poems published in our document there.

sanjay said...

wow vyankatesh..i think u should take ur poetry talent to the next level in some way or the other...amazing talent.

UB said...

That's such a lovely poem..would love to read more from your blog!

Vyankatesh said...

Thanks You Mattias. I will certainly give it a thought.

Thanks Sanjay, UB - Glad you liked it.

@UB - You are always welcome to read more. :-)

Rachit said...

now that's a romantic one !

Simran said...

Guess I am right about the muse. Am I ? :))
Btw, its amazingly awsome!!

Vyankatesh said...

Thanks Rachit and Simran :-)

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