The Art Of Consultation

Well, I have been reading Mahabharata for the past few weeks. After a few false starts, the book has got me going and I am deep into the complicated plot.

The below gist is a part of the narration when the Pandavas are readying for the battle of Kurukshetra.

The Pandavas have formed an army in seven divisions and appointed Drupada, Virata, Dhrishtadyumna, Sikhandin, Satyaki, Chekitana and Bhimasena at the head of each division. They then considered who should be appointed the Supreme Commander.

In the scene are Yudhishthira , Bhima, Arjuna, Nakul, Sahadeva, and stalwarts like Lord Krishna, along others.

At this point, Yudhishthira (the eldest of the Pandavas) said to Sahadeva (the youngest) :-

"We should select one of these seven to be Supreme Commander. He should be one capable of successfully facing the great Bhishma, who can burn enemies to ashes. He should be one who knows how to dispose his forces as circumstances require from time to time. Who do you think is most fitted for this responsibility?"

At the point, the author of the book - C. Rajagopalachari - writes :-

"In the olden days, it was the practice to ascertain the views of younger people first, before consulting elders. This instilled enthusiasm and self-confidence in the younger folk. If the elders were consulted first, it would not be possible for others to speak with freedom, and even honest differences of opinion might savor of disrespect."

This narration in the epic book was indeed very heartening for Yours Truly who very often consults, discusses and requests for opinions from young, bright people and intelligent peers. 

Such opinions are most often neutral and unbiased. They offer interesting perspectives and can originate many an interesting ideas. An independent view is usually good to get a bird's eye view of the idea.

Never shy away from consulting young people!!

The Art of Consultation

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