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Career of Evil, by J K Rowling, is her most dark and grisly novel. Rowling, as always, is very good in depicting men and women with a vivid liveliness.

Here are a few quotes from the novel - some of them thought provoking, some hard hitting, some about beauty and others full of mystery.

About Men

“Men looked so tragic when they cried.” 

“A lot of men find it hard to hear how well their other halves get on with other men.” 

About Women

“As always, he found her better-looking in the flesh than in the memory he had of her when not present.” 

“Psychology’s loss,” said Strike, “is private detection’s gain.” 

“She thought it might be the very first time that Strike had ever given any indication that he saw her as a woman, and she silently filed away the exchange to pore over later, in solitude.” 

“In a way, an explanation had never been the point. She had simply liked being the only one who wanted to find out the truth.” 

“Charlotte had had the kind of beauty that made men forget themselves mid sentence, that stunned them into silence.” 

About God and Other Things

“Man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.” 

“Those who did not know the ocean well forgot its solidity, its brutality.” 

“Mingling grandiosity and short-sightedness in dangerous measure.” 

And last but not the least, the one below.

About Love

“I do," said Robin in a ringing voice, looking straight into the eyes, not of her stony-faced new husband, but of the battered and bloodied man who had just sent her flowers crashing to the floor.” 

To let a small secret out of the bag, the last quote is the closing line of the book, promising a blockbuster 4th book of the Cormoran Strike series.

You can read the book review here.

Enjoy the book.

Career of Evil
Career of Evil

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